Trump Troops Traipse Through Town

Editor’s Note: The following reports were compiled from multiple eye-witness accounts submitted by community members. For the safety of the eyewitnesses, all reports are anonymous.

Trump-supporter caravan traveling through Olympia. Contains foul language.

“I am getting reports all around Downtown [Olympia] of a caravan of dozens of trucks decked out with Trump and Culp signs and flags driving up and down the streets as of 3:30 pm today.  Earlier they were also driving up I-5 and harassing other drivers according to three separate reports.  One report mentioned a car being boxed in and pelted with eggs.  This event was called “MAGA drag the interstate”  There is a noise demonstration also planned for today.  They are organized but running behind schedule apparently according to this post.” 

“At approximately 1 pm they were harassing people North of Lacey with highly aggressive driving.  They did attempt to go to the Capitol but since it was blocked off they switched to driving around downtown instead.  Counter-protesters have set up a blockade on Capital Way and 11th Ave.  A street medic has reported that Proud Boys were seen at the blockade.”

“Earlier today the Thurston County Democrats sent out their newsletter, titled “Trump coming to Olympia” regarding the President taking credit for the shooting of Michael Reinoehl. “I sent in the US Marshalls, they took care of business”  Now the Trump supporters are out driving around our community to promote more terror in the streets.  The President gave the order for white supremacists to stand by.  Here they are letting him know they are ready.””

According to counter-protest organizers, a blockade has been set up Downtown to “keep them off Capitol.”

By Rob Richards


  • LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES! EVERYONE in the MAGADragTheInterstate were peaceful and met with “protesters” throwing rocks, bricks, cussing and hollering profanities…….this video is a perfect example of THEIR behavior towards the peaceful drivers!

    • It was nothing but positive, there was no egg throwing and no driving aggressive we were in the right lane going about 55 mph. Whoever wrote this article should have got out of their office and came down to see what it was really like, the only thing I seen was cursing in your video! Mmmmm who is the violent ones. All lies

    • My friends called me and said the ANTFA threw rocks and tried to pull a girl out of a truck window, when I heard that we returned to our meeting location well out of the city.

  • Of you don’t interview every person with an opinion how can everybody say stuff? Huh? It’s like this privately owned and operated platform needs to do what a bunch of people who don’t care about it are saying.

  • This writing is nothing but a crap. It was a peaceful rally, nothing was damaged, no one harassed anyone. These democrats got triggered that’s why they acted like they were harassed. You pu**ies need to shut up and drink your soy milk.

  • It is truly sad that you didn’t take the time to search out the truth. Trump supporters are American loving patriots. It is shameful that there isn’t one honest media person who wants to report the truth. But you will support all the people destroying downtown Olympia every night.

  • Why do you report lies I was there and what you are spouting is false it’s the other way around We had an American Parade and got attacked with Rocks Eggs and a few physical attacks by Antifa kids LIKE MY GRANDMA ALWAYS SAID IF YOU AINT GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY IT

  • Nobody in the caravan was aggressive. HORRIBLE journalism. This is why the American people can’t trust fake news. This is straight up 1984 fabricated articles to stir up 2 minutes of hate for the NPCs stuck in platos allegorical cave. WAKE UP.

  • From my point of view downtown, there were many heavily armed people, driving around, revving their engines, whooping and screaming like drunk teenagers looking for action. Being armed and rowdy at the same time is not smart! It was not a parade. There WAS aggressive driving. It was not a safe time for this grandma to go for a walk.

    I have seen restaurant owners call the police on homeless people for less. I can only imagine what the response would be for a heavily armed homeless person who acted like that.

  • This article is nothing more than lies and propaganda. The video you provided shows someone screaming fuck you and flipping off every car that passes, while they’re all just waving. If you had any integrity at all, you’d print a retraction on this garbage. If you care at all about the truth, join the next drag and honestly report on who the aggressors are.

  • We went out of our way to allow pedestrians to cross and obeyed all traffic laws. The positive atmosphere on the road and approval outnumbered the opposition 10/1 by far! Garbage reporting. After Sound Transit working along side Oly. P.D. Blocked us from peacefull assembly to Baby-sit @nt!fa, we called a day, made a couple laps through town and went home. No harm done. WWG1WGA!

    • You went out of your way to “allow” pedestrians to cross? I was on a corner, using my cane, about to cross with the light at a cross walk, and a truck with two flags swooped around the corner, ignoring coming to a stop before a free right turn. They didn’t notice me, because they were too busy honking the horn while yelling “Trump” and “fuck antifa.” I stumbled backwards and someone in the next truck laughed while looking directly at me. This is a problem! I am glad Sound Transit and Oly PD was there to slow you down, because many who were behind the wheel in your group were not paying enough attention to their surroundings.

  • I witnessed the Trump/Culp caravan blow through stop signs, almost hit pedestrians, screaming expletives at my neighbors.

    • No reason to lie… plenty of video showing absolutely differently.

      Go hide in your safe place


    • I’d love to see your proof of this guy. I bet you can’t produce anything that you’re claiming. I also have plenty of proof to disprove what you and this article is saying. The very first bit of proof I have is the video that this liar posted In this article. The only people that were disrespectful, rude or acting aggressively cake from the left. Nice try tho dude.

    • I saw a QAnon wacko guy take a dump on the capital lawn then hi-5 a cop as he was jumping back in his lifted truck after. We don’t need that trash in our town.

  • This is the furthest thing from the truth, i think I have read in awhile.

    The only arrests made, were antifa. Who knocked a gentleman in his 60s out, when they struck him in the head with a rock.

    Not 1 person in the rally, was disrespectful, careless. While on i5 they stayed in the right lane, not speeding, respectful of all

    This reporter needs to be fired immediately for making shit up for his own agenda

  • Wow. First no one this page is PAID. It is run by volunteer contributors and isn’t trying to be main stream media. You want the guy to be fired from a non-existent job. You call him a liar when we witnessed the behavior first hand. You might all have a different opinion on how you acted, but as members of this community we witnessed something that felt violent. No one planned an event with permission to parade around. No one paid any event licensing fees so it looked like a loud, raucous protest. You are bothered by the woman yelling in the video but you all invaded her community with your noise, speeding, cutting people off, etc, etc, etc. But then I see guys in big trucks with Trump signs cut people off all the time so maybe you think that is just normal behavior

    • Nice try but he did not witness this first hand. Maybe you should of read the article and it states at the very beginning that he had Anonymous reports of what was going on. Did you even take the time to watch the video that he posted? Show me how trump supporters in the video were the aggressors. The woman recording the video was so disrespectful and was using foul language. Don’t worry tho we will have four more years to listen to all y’all liberals whine haha.

  • First time I have seen this so called news website. Thought I should check it out to see if there might be an alternative to the obviously biased Olympian. Appears this is just another Fake News propaganda outlet. Won’t be checking in here again. Too bad. So sad that this so called “journalist” decided to spread lies and propaganda instead of unbiased reporting of facts.

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