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A bit more on facemasks and campaign donations: 

The hot, new campaign look sparked by trend-setting candidate for Governor Loren Culp appears to have caught on locally.

According to his report to the state Public Disclosure Commission, Thurston County Commission candidate Gary Edwards shelled out nearly $270 for facemasks.

For the purchase, perhaps he used some of the $1,000 campaign contribution from a local marijuana retailer, which advertises some amazing events including “Munchie Monday is here again! Who doesn’t love to kick back with some stoney snacks,” and an upcoming Halloweed sale.

That contribution is a bit of a surprise:

In 1998, when he was county sheriff, Edwards opposed a medical marijuana initiative, serving on the advisory committee that wrote the voter’s pamphlet statement opposing the measure, which passed.

The statement said in part: “Initiative-692 promotes the use of a drug not proven by any health or medical association to be safe or effective. It is not compassionate or humanitarian to promote the use of an addictive drug without ensuring valid scientific or medical research exists that would validate claims made by those promoting marijuana use.”

In 2016, after being elected to his first term as county commissioner, he answered a question from the Centralia Chronicle regarding cannabis production and his “position on marijuana in general” like this: 

“I was opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I’ve always been in favor of medical marijuana being utilized to help people who need that particular help. I don’t feel there was ever enough science in the studying the benefits of medical marijuana but I am sure there must be some.”

Perhaps what voters would benefit from is an explanation.

By Mindy Chambers

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