Port Bucks: Olympia Port Candidates Will Top $200k in Fundraising

While fundraising by the four candidates seeking election to the Port of Olympia Commission pales in comparison to that of Olympia City Council candidates, it’s by no means insignificant.

The four first-time candidates vying for the two Port Commission seats in the Nov. 2 general election have raised nearly $169,664. Add to the total the $13,450-plus spent by a candidate who did not make it through the primary, and the total is $183,117.

Here’s a position-by-position look, based on state Public Disclosure Commission records The Olympia Tribune reviewed on October 18. The links take you to contributions and expenditures the candidates have reported to the PDC.

Bob Iyall vs. Jessie Simmons: Total raised: $75,081 Total spent: $65,707

Iyall, a political newcomer, has contributed $18,700 to his own campaign, and has strong support from the region’s tribes (he is He’s a Nisqually Tribal Elder and the chief executive officer of the tribes business operations). He’s raised $43,248 and spent $38,413, mostly on advertising (mailings, signage, etc.).

Simmons also is in his first try at public office, although he has done consulting work on others’ campaigns. He’s donated more than $4,000 in in-kind expenditures to his campaign, raising a total of $31,833, and spending $27,294, mostly on advertising and campaign management. He has strong financial support from labor organizations.

Amy Evans vs. Joel Hansen: Total raised: $94,583 Total spent: $69,358

Evans’ fundraising is notable because she’s limited her contributions to $250 per donation ($500 if donating to the primary and general elections). She’s amassed $44,465, and spent $23,604, much of it on mailings, signage and other advertising costs. She has strong support from the real estate and development community (she is a Realtor specializing in industrial, office and investment properties).

Hansen,  in his first run for public office, has raised $48,828, including just over $3,000 he donated to his campaign and a $3,000 donation from a labor organization. He’s spent, $45,754, mostly on advertising and on campaign consulting.

By Mindy Chambers

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