Our Work Is Not Done #MixedFeelings

While I am excited that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the presidency back from Trump and Pence, I caution people from assuming that the fight is over.

Yes, Biden will be able to undo every executive order Trump put in place rather quickly.  He will be able to restore calm to our nation and rebuild our standing with our allies.  He will be able to rejoin the Paris Accord and the World Health Organization.  There is no doubt these are phenomenal things.  But without the Senate that is where his victories will likely end.

There will be no expansion of the Affordable Healthcare Act, no Equality Act, no coronavirus stimulus packages unless Biden manages to convince Republican senators to vote for them.  So, the work must continue.  We need to win the Georgia Senate runoffs.  But I again caution patience.  Don’t start calling Georgia today and hope they want to hear from you.  They are as tired as the rest of the nation of electioneering.  Maybe send some postcards today to people who need to register to vote.  Wait till after Thanksgiving to start calling Georgia so they have a break from the deluge.

But even if we win the runoffs, the work, again. still continues.  Because in 2022 there will be more Senate races where we will need to work to expand our majority and we will need to defend, and hopefully expand, the House majority.  And if we lose the runoffs, we will be fighting all while Biden looks like he has gotten little done because of an uncooperative Senate.  

So, yes, I am excited that Biden and Harris won.  Getting Trump out of the White House has been a dream for the last 4 years for many of us, myself included.  More, I would like to see the Trump family indicted for his crimes in New York. I want to see Trump and his administration investigated for the multitude of crimes they committed in office, not the least of which was the criminal negligence that led to 250k Americans dying from the Corona Virus. 

But Americans need to realize we must stay engaged. OUR work is not done. 

By Tracey Carlos

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