Ballots drop on Friday – get your recycle bin ready!

Ballots for the Nov. 3 general election will go in the mail on Oct. 8, followed shortly by dozens and dozens of expensive, colorful, glossy mailers, made of dead trees, extolling candidates’ virtues.
The deluge, in fact, already has begun. A fund-raising letter from Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Chris Reykdal hit local mailboxes on September 28. A big postcard touting her record on education from 10th Congressional District candidate Marilyn Strickland was in the mailbox on Monday – lots of cute kids here, to be sure.
Personal fave so far – a “photograph,” letter, and return postcard/envelope from Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee purporting to be a “personal reply” sent by the recipient (the same material was sent to thousands of people; no one is fooled).
So looking forward to many more – I’m going to save them all and weigh them when all is said in done, although the pile will be a lot lighter without the three-per-week mailings from 10th Congressional District candidate Kristine Reeves, who didn’t get past the August primary election.
At least yard signs can be repurposed. They make great garden raised bed liners.

Local Voters’ Pamphlet ready for you!

Meanwhile, the Local Voters’ Pamphlet has just hit the epublication universe.

Keep an eye out for fake news 

Loving this part of a message from the Thurston County Auditor’s Office that appears in the Local Voters’ Pamphlet.
“Dear voters:
… Our partners at the Department of Homeland Security have told us there is already a lot of misinformation about elections being spread around. If you see misinformation, let us know. If it’s on a social media platform, we will work with Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get it taken down. You can trust the Auditor’s Office to give you accurate information. Call us at 360.786.5408 or go to our website, if you have questions.”

Thanks to the Elections Office for being a watchdog!

By Mindy Chambers

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